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Is there a document that describes XControl Facade events in detail?

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I apologize if this is a basic question.


I've been using XControls for several months and have slowly learned how they work largely via (1) random forum searches and (2) trial and error. Thus, my knowledge/understanding of XControls is fairly patchwork. The LabVIEW help and examples were illuminating in getting started, but lacking in a lot of concrete details.


I've mostly gotten by via changing as little as possible from the examples. When I've had to make big changes, I cross my fingers and hope it's not a problem. When it is, I'm in for lengthy debugging sessions trying to understand when Facade events are triggered, when I need to set the Data Change and Display Change boolean flags, etc.


Is there a document or perhaps a more involved XControl example that could clarify proper coding guidelines/style for XControls, as well as when to use different Facade events?



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