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I want to use the bluetooth VI's  for the first time, actually not for a cellphone but first I want to have this clear before I implement it.

Anyway I have a simple Nokia C1, bluetooth enabled and with the attached VI I want to connect and for example ask the status for the cellphone.


The attached VI locks the phone and clears it again, in the <data out> there is nothing.

Also changing the commands to other <ATxxxxx> does not change it.

What's wrong?



On the other hand when I change the bluetooth connection in windows to a serial port I can communicate with the cellphone through VISA.






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Where is the "serial port profile" selection located??

It should be in the second array index but it's not clear for me what you exactly mean.


The rn is clear, thanks for that.

When you query for the services (Bluetooth RFCOMM Service Discovery.vi) you need to have the "Serial Port Profile" returned as one of the services available and then select that service in your Index Array to get the Channel and UUID for the Bluetooth Open the Connection.vi. If it's not in the list, you may have to enable it in the phone settings (refer to the manual) or use a 3rd party driver on the phone to give it to you over bluetooth (some phones only have it for usb connections). Also, some Android phones have a bug where the profile isn't broadcast.

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