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Mostly for fun, I have concocted a way of acquiring video using Labview for Linux, to mend for the unavailability of IMAQdx on Linux.

The idea is to grab via v4l2 (http://linuxtv.org/), actually through the handler libv4l2, and to display simply via the picture control. The package includes wrapper VIs to the public functions of libv4l2.so, high level, grabbing oriented VIs, convenient ancillaries and v42l typedefs.

A proof of the concept webcam grabber, essentially a translation of the Appendix E example to the linuxtv API, is also included, as well as the trace of the process used for automatically building the typedefs employed.

During the development, this was tested successfully with webcams at different resolutions on versions of LV from 2011 to 2015, on different installations of Ubuntu 64bits, from 12.04 to 14.04. This means, using v4l-utils from originally 0.8.6-1ubuntu2, 32bit, till 1.0.1-1, 32 and 64bit. The files are currently saved for Labview 2014 32bit, and can be run by Labview 64bit if a preliminary script, regenerating some of the typedefs, is run (details in the README).

For the bleeding edge of this library, see https://gitlab.com/enricosegre/LVVideo4Linux


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I succeeded in adapting the sources to work both on 32bit and 64bit. Package available at the repository linked above.

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