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This topic has come up a few times, mainly http://lavag.org/topic/13990-1502-error/?hl=1502 and http://lavag.org/topic/12461-strange-error-in-application-generating/?hl=1502. I just got hit with this issue today and will post what I found in case it will help somebody else.


I recently upgraded to LV2013, and converted a large project I'm working on. Upon attempting to compile the executable, I was hit with the 1502 error with a particular VI. This had not ever happened with 2012, and the offending VI had no errors and ran fine in the development environment. Like others had reported, enabling debugging or disabling "Remove unused members of project libaries" in the build specification allowed the file to compile correctly.


I figured this was some problem in LV2013, so I back converted to LV2012 and tried to recompile. Got the 1502 error again. After removing my fist from the monitor, I started to take a closer look at the offending VI.


The offending VI had a subvi where I had inadvertently left a case structure with a constant wired to it. Inside of the unexecuted case were some unused LV Analysis Vis. For some reason, these were causing a problem in the compile. After removing the useless case structure and the unused VIs, everything worked fine.


In one of the threads someone had mentioned broken code inside a diagram disabled structure causing problems, but I've never seen anyone mention working code inside of an unexecuted case statement.  Hopefully this will help somebody who's having the same problem.

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Did you try a mass-compile on your source directory before the build?


Yeah, I did, both after upgrading to LV2013 and after downgrading back to LV2012.


I had built the applicaiton lots of times under LV2012 without seeing this error.  When I downgraded back to 2012 I did it by restoring working code from the source code control repository.  But in the process something got snoggered up and the error survived the downgrade.  It's way above my pay grade to try and figure out how that happened.

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