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tcp/ip communication condition

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Hi everyone.

I started a new VI on LabVIEW 2021 to communicate, about tcp/ip, with a led display like a billboard as image below.




I get a communication as TCP/IP through the manufacturer software, but i didn't know what is the package i need to send, the full package.



This led display it's a simple command use, with there software (above) or bluetooth in cell phone,  but, to communicate for TCP/IP, they install a conversor, the USR-TCP232-T2 module, as image below



The image bellow, I show the simple program im LabVIEW to command this led display but the main question is: whats is the kind of package i need send to show the message or change the configuration of the display.




In attached, we can see the datasheet that manufacturer send us about this led display and the package to send, but i did'nt undestand how to do 😕
It's my first time towork with TCP/IP on LabVIEW 

manual progração Serial TechnoLEDs padrão RS232-RS485-TCPIP v8.pdf





Something like this:





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My Portuguese is absolutely non-existent but the documentation seems pretty clear.

You need to send a binary stream to the device with a specific header and length.

Try to play with the display style of the string.

First you need a string of four bytes, if you enable Hex Display you can enter here "0102 0401"

Then follows the actual string you want to display, filled up to 110 characters by appending 00 bytes (in Hex code) then follows the epilog with the speed indication and what else which you again want to fill in as Hex Display string. Concatenate all together into one long string and send it off. The most difficult part would be to calculate the checksum, everything else is simply putting together the right bytes, either as ASCI characters or hex code.

LED Display message.png

This shows two ways to build an according string to send.

"your text string" is the string you want to send.

the CONTROL BLOCK part needs to be further constructed by you to control speed etc for the display message

Notice the glyphs at the left side of the strings and numeric values indicating the display style, n for normal string display, x for hexadecimal display.

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