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How to migrate the Quick Drop shortcuts by Labview versions

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Hi guys,
It's the moment for me to migrate from LV2010 to LV2012 therefore I searched a tool to migrate the shortcuts, I have already created (in several years of usage) on the quick-drop function, between the two version of Labview. Does anyone know if there is a tool that can migrate these shortcuts? Does anyone know if it is enough to move a configuration file? Which configuration file has to be moved?
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The best way would be to turn your plugins into packages with VIPM.


I just keep a copy of my plugins in a central network location and copy them over to whichever versions they are compatible with.


Are you talking about the plugins that you can make with scripting or shortcuts to quickly drop functions from the palettes?  Those shortcuts are in your LabVIEW.ini file, which I always copy over when I make a fresh install.

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The shortcuts are in the LabVIEW.ini (as you have discovered) and are under the key QuickDropDiagramShortcuts and QuickDropPanelShortcuts.  Copying just these items to the new LabVIEW.ini will bring along the shortcuts.


Internally we have a package with added quickdrop functions.  Packages can have a PostInstall VI called and my post install VI will add these lines to the current LabVIEW.ini.

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