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Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit private context INI keys

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To enable private context tracing in Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit, in the file %LocalAppData%\National Instruments\Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit\DETT.ini place the following:



It's important to ensure DETT is closed down when you change the file; on exit, DETT flushes to file it's currently loaded settings.



(Placing this info here with some searchable terms, to save my future self that infrequent 20-minute spelunking exercise of finding it again)

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Hah. Got it. "Context" can mean many things, depending on...context?

They aren't the same, but another term you maybe more familiar with is Instance, as in Application Instance.

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I saw something in the GenerateCode ability VI for one of NI's XNodes that says to open the VI in the NI.LV.XNode context. Would this let me do that?


You can open a VI in any context you want by using the code Jack showed earlier to get the context references. 

Then use any of these references as an input to the Open VI method, to open your VI.



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