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Acessing multiple hardware over internet


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Why would you want to involve LabVIEW in this?  I was going to suggest some kind of remote desktop solution, where users can login with their credentials and access the PC one at a time.  But even if you were able to have 3 users all logged in at once, and all working at once, the hardware will be locked by one application by one user, and the other users, and other applications won't be able to access it.

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I think that could be possible, if Windows supports multiple logins at the same time which it looks like over normal RDP you need the server edition.  I'm not sure if other remote control programs allow for multiple logins at the same time.  If they do then this shouldn't be a problem, as long as each user knows to only use their hardware.  


There maybe a LabVIEW solution in there, but personally I would rather use something simple that worked, rather than trying to roll my own method of hardware sharing over the internet.  That problem has been solved by many companies already, just use one of theirs.

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