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Cluster to Struct Conversion

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I recently posted this example code to ni.com - https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-40315


Motivation: sometimes we need to call a C function that takes mixed data types in the form of a C Structure. While it is fairly easy to replicate the C Stuct as a LV Cluster it can be pretty hard to pass this to the C DLL due to the way LV and C understand data formats and byte packing.


Essentially I tried to create a completely universal (or close thereto) Cluster to Struct and Back Again set of functions. These consider packing/padding, data alignment, endian-ness, etc. I included some examples that have arrays and strings in the cluster as well as data pointers.


I see this topic being fairly active here on LAVA and to a slightly lesser degree at NI.com


Anyway, I don't know if the code will help anyone but I would be helped by any feedback or suggestions if anyone does try it!




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