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Auto-Wire Array to Cluster


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Is there any way to automatically wire an index array block to a bundle by name block?

Auto-Wire Array-Cluster.PNG

Auto-wire (pressing space) just adds one wire.

Note that my cluster contains data of different types so converting the cluster to an array doesn't work.

If there is a quick-drop shortcut for this I would be very impressed.

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The normal quick drop wire function worked for me (more or less).  I selected the index, and I selected the bundle by name, then quick drop then CTRL+w and it wired it up.  I thought maybe the shift modifier might be needed but in this case it wasn't.  I also added a boolean terminal and it was left unwired.  Windows 7 x64, LabVIEW 2015 SP1 32 bit.

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Thanks! My quick-drop plugins were all messed up. I had installed some unofficial plugins that took over the "Wire multiple objects together" shortcut. Successfully restored it by copying the default plugins from another machine.

This shortcut will save me hours of tedious wiring.

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