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There is an FTP palette in at least 2013 under Data Communication >> Protocols.  There is also other FTP options like the internet toolkit, the real-time toolkit I think has FTP, and even command line options.  All of these except the last should have examples in the Help >> Example finder.

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    • By Dawid
      I'm trying to learn how to use LabVIEW Web Server. I design very simple project to develop my skills in this topic, but unfortunatelly it dosent work:( The reason why I'm trying to find help here is, that the error code do not tell anything, there is no compilation errors, and no mather how much of code I will delete, it will not work anyway. I will be grateful for any help. The LabVIEW example is working.
      Web Server.zip
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      Hi everyone. I have completed my labview program and now I am requested to convert the file into HTML file.
      I would like to ask for help. What Is HTML and how can I convert it ?
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      WireFlow enters the world of IoT!
      Today we are proud to announce an open beta of WireQueue; our cloud based service that allows customers to build secure IoT solutions for data logging, monitoring and control of LabVIEW/LabVIEW RT targets.
      The WireQueue system consists of: a LabVIEW driver that makes it easy to exchange messages with other clients, monitoring apps for mobile devices and a cloud based server.
      WireQueue uses open standardized protocols and all communication is secured with SSL/TLS. Sensitive commands can be further protected with hardware authentication using WireFlow dongles.
      Visit https://www.wirequeue.com for more information, and to request a trial account.
      You can also find us at NI-Week in booth 923.
      //The WireFlow Team

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      I have 3 same type of hardware(atmega8 )which is attached to common computer .Is it possible that 3 different user can(which are on separate computer)can program(or acess) this 3 hardware over internet using labview?
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