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SHOW a DXF or a DWG file

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we've asked this from NI multiple times but they say it would be too much work to fully support reading and displaying dxf files, we came up with an compromise that was acceptable for our customers, they have to export their dxf without arcs and then we can parse the dxf files to generate overlays that we display on in IMAQ image.

would that work for you knowing it requires the Vision Development Module licence?

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Since there hasn't been any LV code here is an example of getting data from a dxf file into something usefull in LabVIEW and make a drawing from it to show on the frontpanel.

This is just a quick and dirty example, but maybe ppl can use something from it.


Created in LV 2015

Included export to LV 8.6




999 - DXF import.zip

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