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LabVIEW Home Bundle for Windows

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I'm really unsure who this is aimed at. Who is the target customer? Who are these people that don't use LabVIEW for work or school that will pay to use an IDE rather than use a free one?

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NI would likely say some marketing statement about how the maker movement is an important to them and they hope this fills a gap between student, and advanced users.


The strange thing to me is that in the past (I'm still looking for the link) I've seen NI employees state that a "Student" is someone who takes an interest in a particular subject.  And that the student edition would apply to anyone looking to learn.  This is somewhat supported by the fact that the student edition was available for years up at Sparkfun which required no proof of enrollment in formal high level education.  I never went through the full process but I assumed the same thing when applying for the 6 month free license.


Although it is sorta funny to see NI people dance around answering this when they aren't lawyers.




After some back and forth the OP asked the question as straight forward as possible and the NI employee answered with:


Labtech, to answer your exact question, the license/terms of the LabVIEW Student Edition will not provide the proper usage rights.


They did not say you cannot buy it, or that it would be illegal to buy it, just that they wouldn't have the proper usage rights.


Anyway, there's been enough chatter about this Home edition lately that I believe there is individuals who will buy it.  There was once an idea exchange for it that had a bunch of attention too.

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