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Hi all

I have made two LabVIEW exe  (LV2011) who run continually since few weeks on same PC. Last week, one of them crash two times (icon removed from task bar) without any error message.

1) Is there crash logs under LV runtime, and where are they localized ?

2) Is there a way to create exe, who run in background and test if another LV exe,  always running ?


Best Regards


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1) Is there crash logs under LV runtime, and where are they localized ?

Crash files are usually not very useful, sending it to NI is the only way to get useful information out of it and even then it might not tell you anything.






2) Is there a way to create exe, who run in background and test if another LV exe,  always running ?

I haven't seen any watchdog examples for Windows host applications but sure it can be done.  Using the WinAPI you can query what applications are currently running.  Just poll that every so often and see if your program is no longer running.


A more useful debug concept, could be to log the states of a state machine to a text file like a heap.  Then if a crash happens you can at least see what lead up to the crash.  This will cause a slow down in the application as logging is done, and the file might become giant for long running applications.


Also have you looked at memory usage?  Is it stable?  Many applications that crash after days of running are caused by accidentally opening references without closing, or having arrays that grow in size forever.  Various tools can help determine if memory is stable, some built into Windows like Performance Monitor, and others by NI like the Desktop Execution Trace toolkit.

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Thanks hooovahh

I have look in LabviewData\LVinternalReports  and don't find any error return. Like runtime always running for the other exe, is it possible,  than it forget crash error ?


For the WInAPI usage, do you know if it works correctly with Windows7 ?


I take look for memory leaks, but like it run few weeks correctly and crash two times in the  same day, i don't think than it's the problem source.


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WinAPI still works in Windows 7 and even 64 bit.  I've kept an updated version, and haven't found a function that hasn't worked properly yet, but admittedly I don't use every function.


If it ran for weeks with no problem, then crashed twice in one day I wouldn't think memory leaks either.  What about the system log?  Windows has an Event log built in which keeps track of crashes, blue screens, and other system level issues.




Looking at that I'd suggest trying to find what changed between it working and not working.  The obvious things is installing or uninstalling software and drivers, or Windows updates.

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