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DIY Oscilloscope Kit


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Pretty neat, here's one of the scopes that are popular with the hobbyists.




I don't own one (yet) but one reason why it is so popular is because someone reverse engineered the licensing scheme for their line of scopes, and by entering the right code into the scope you can convince the firmware it is actually a 1104Z instead, which is a scope with twice the memory, twice the speed, RS232, SPI, I2C decoding and a bunch of other features.  Your $400 scope is now as capable as the $1,000 scope.


Here is one of the most Canadian hack videos I've seen describing the steps involved, but note the site he references no longer exists but I assume others do.


EDIT: Oh interesting tear down that I haven't watched all the way through yet.


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The thing that worries me about those device is the software that you are forced to use.  I'm worried it would be crap making the scope worthless too.  I've had some success with the myDAQ being used with the pre-written scope code it comes with.  It's also a DMM, and function generator, but costs more than what you linked to (even at the student price) and probably doesn't have as good of specs since the scope function is just a mSeries DAQ device.


If you do ever buy one of those cheap USB scopes, I'd be very curious what you think of the software it comes with.  The reviews on that one look mixed for sure.

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Hi Craig, I was recently tasked with using a PicoScope (5000 series).  I got it to work but am puzzled by the interface with the DLL.  The DLL writes directly to LabVIEW memory and the data "magically" appears on a LabVIEW wire.

See: https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/When-is-dataflow-not-data-flow-Updating-LabVIEW-Arrays-through/m-p/4020764#M1150779

and: https://www.picotech.com/support/topic40424.html?sid=

Are you using the same approach and has it been reliable?



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