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ATM Protocol


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I've been asked to write a data simulator where in essence all I have to do is create a bunch of simple waveforms and output them. The problem is that the communications to the receiving computer is via ATM. That's Asynchronous Transfer Mode, not the cash machine.


There's a dearth of information about LabVIEW&ATM (other than posts about LV certification exams). Anything on topic is over a decade old with titles like, "Keeping up with the Latest in Windows NT".


So, anyone out there have any experience with this? Or has anyone who did ATM long since retired?



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Well, I never worked with ATM directly but did early on work in a company which made telecommunication products and one of the products that was developed there did use ATM. As it would seem the fact that whatever you must implement uses ATM isn't really the main issue here. There is nothing like a standard API for ATM on modern computer platforms. So the question really boils down to how is your computer even connected to the ATM network and do you have documentation about the API for the driver of that card?

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