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Losing LV global variable values


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Hello all,

My setup is so:  Have a LV project calling the TS simple UI.  TS then runs multiple UUTs with a modified model seq.  When the Main LV program is started, it initializes my many global variables used in the program, the variables in question are queue references.  Once the TS UI is up and running the program is automated and requires limited interaction.  During the course of the main TS sequence, TS calls many VIs, some that use global variables to get a queue reference so a command can be added to a DAQ or CAN queue.


My problem is that the global variables TS is trying to access never seem to get populated with the refnums that are created in my top level VI that is calling TS.  I know my Main VI is populating those globals because I can drop that global on my main VI and monitor it the whole time the program is running.  So why doesn't TS see the same globals that my Main VI does?  

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That was the answer, I figured it out just a bit ago.  I realized that if I'm running my main VI from my project, I need to specify the Module step settings with the project path.  If I'm running my main VI standalone, I don't need to specify the project.  Good info to have for debugging purposes.

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