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Hi everybody,

I'm a PhD student of Naples and I'm working in a complex project that involves Labview code (that I know very very basically..).

I'll start to ask you help for a little problem :)

I had imported a STL file (3D file) in Labview (below there is a screen shot) and I manage to get the coordinates x,y,z of  the point of the STL file that  I select with the mouse click.

Now I would need to create a marker ( or a little sphere or a red point ) on the STL file where I clicked and, if I click on an other point I would need that the marker created before was deleted and that a new marker be created on the new point I clicked, I mean that on the 3D object must be always only one marker. (I'm sorry for my English, please tell me if there is something not clear).

I would specifie somethings:

  1. the Z coordinate is not important to create the marker/point/sphere because it gona be create on the surface of the 3D object I've imported at the start of the VI (STL file).
  2. I must be able to continue to move the 3D object in the scene and create the marker/sphere/point only when I click on the object surface
  3. I need to storage the X,Y marker coordinate
  4. on 3d onbject must be only one marker at the time







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Sorry don't have too much time to help here, but try example code here for some guidance maybe:

C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2014\examples\Graphics and Sound\3D Picture Control\Using Meshes.vi

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  • 2 years later...

Thank you for your help, but I'm still having problems..

Finally I achived to apply my jpeg picture to the imported STL 3d model (as in the attached VI) but the VI "apply texture" apply the texture to each ont of the triangles of the STL file.. that is it does not associate eache pixel of the jpeg picture to each triangle (that it is what I would..). I don't know if it is necessary to perform the jpeg image normalization to apply it on the STL file becaouse of the different sizes.. Someone can help me?

Thank you in advance! 




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