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Get Step results values from another sequence


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Hello Everyone,

Im pretty new to TestStand, and have to modify a pretty extensive sequence, mainly, we only want to add a step at the end that will retrieve some information from preovius steps and put them in a txt file, this will be done easy using a step to cal a VI, the issue is that i cant retrieve the values i need.

This is my MainSequence, this is where the UUT is being tested, i will only focus on 1 value, i want the result value from the 340nm Position Check step:


This is my "TestReport" Sequence, it will run after the main sequence, i want to retrieve information in the GetTestResult VI, It seems that i cant get the right context or values,


This is the main prototype of my VI


I have tried using in step settings, the Context "in" as "RunState.SequenceFile.Data.Seq["MainSequence"]." and then in the lookup string tryied using "Main["340nm position check"].Trans_Red.Result" but it returned an empty string, it should be returning a string like "6.83458985222004".


am i doing something wrong?, im attaching the seq file as reference, but not the VI.

Thank you so much for your help.

Edit1: clean up blank lines in the text.


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Adding information:

does not matter what context I put in, (Except for "This Context") i get the error:

"Automation Interface for the specified class cannot be obtained.  Check if the automation refnum type is the correct class for this operation in GetTestResult.vi->GetTestResult.vi.ProxyCaller"

when trying to get the property.

Plz Help :(

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