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What is this thing?

Neil Pate

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I am looking through some RT code, and am a bit confused by the following node. Can anybody tell me how I would make the node with the "chip" icon on it? The VI with this in in under the RT CompactRIO target folder in the project.

I am pretty sure this has something to do with Scan mode on the FPGA or shared variables or user-defined variables, however I am not very familiar with any of these.

Any ideas? 

Edit: the C-Series module that this node refers to is currently tucked away under my FPGA Target, so perhaps this is old test code from when the module was used in Scan mode? If I move the modue out from the FPGA to just under the chassis the little glyph looks different, like a  little blue square wave with a triangular wave just about it.



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Simply open new empty project and add a cRIO manually. After that add a C series module manually again (for example NI 9401). Drag&drop the DIO1 to the block diagram and create an indicator like you've shown above. When you remove the module or that I/O node of NI 9401, you'll see the exact "chip" that you've asked for. As James said, I think it occurs because when it loses its reference.


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