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VI Properties Dialog

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VI Properties Dialog remembers which Category was selected last time.

For example, if you select Documentation from the Category pull down menu, next time the dialog will show up with the Documentation.

Is there an option to make LabVIEW not remember last selection?

Among all the categories, Documentation is different from all others: VI description gets focus; for all other categories, Category gets focus.

It's difficult to automate the dialog.


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Thanks for reply.

But I want to automate the whole VI properties Window, not just documentation.

I want to change the settings programmatically.

And I want to use the built-in VI properties window,

because not all properties available in property node, for example the Front Panel Grid Size.

I got everything working if the last Category selection was NOT Documentation.


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53 minutes ago, Zou said:

for example the Front Panel Grid Size.

Really?  This doesn't exist still?  I was sure it was there but I go and look and I couldn't find it.  I did find a thread 9 years ago that talks about it.  Sorry I can't help with the original issue.

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