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For a personal project, I needed to communicate between my computer and a SPI device slave device. So, I use a FTDI chip FT232h.

I have adapted the library MPSSE I2C already available on this website to make it works for SPI.

Warning ! VI are not 100% tested (especially Read functions), I provided it as it is.


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Hi RomainP,

Thank you very much for these drivers. 
I am using them successfully with a FT232H (inside a UM232H module) and MPSSE-SPI running at 30Mbps to get familiar with the MPSSE operation via LabVIEW so I can communicate with PC via SPI slave device as you did.

I have a couple of questions I'm hoping you or someone can help with.

I am currently running a LV loop to write 50kbytes, then read 50kbytes to the SPI, at full speed...and this works... but it is half-duplex.

How would I go about implementing duplex..so I can have read & write simultaneously ? Is there a SPI read-write.vi ? Or could I perhaps write my own ?..if so could you make some suggestions...or is it not possible due to dll limitations ?

Secondly, are there some examples which show how to use the FT232H GPIO pins via LabVIEW whilst using your drivers ?



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Hello RomainP,

I really would like to thank you for your libraries. Would it be possible for you to downgrade your MPSSE SPI library in order to be used with Labview2014?

Beforehand, thank you for your response.


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Could you, please, send me the example to work under Labview 2012




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