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Dynamic call loading VI in memory

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I read Darren's excellent article about creating healthy Dialog box (http://labviewartisan.blogspot.ca/2014/08/subvi-panels-as-modal-dialogs-how-to.html)

I thought using a dynamic call and selecting the option Load and retain on first call would prevent loading the subVI in memory when loading but not running the caller VI. I created a super light project to test it but didn't get the expected behavior:

- If I don't open the Caller, I don't see any VI in memory (except for the VI that reads the VIs in memory of course).

- If I open the Caller, I see both the Static Callee and the Dynamic Callee, whereas I expected to see only the Static Callee.

Did I misunderstand how that option works?




VIs in memory.zip

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It has to be in memory to make sure the code can compile. Look back at his post:

"By changing the subVI to Load and retain on first call, it will no longer be reserved for running when you run the top-level VI, and as a result, will not ever hang your app if you accidentally leave it open before running."

Its in memory, but its state doesn't change from edit mode until the function runs.

Personally, I think modals are evil always and so I use floating/normal if possible. It seems like any time someone uses a modal dialog its a situation where I was wanting to copy/paste from another part of the same application and now I can't because the modal takes over.

Whatever you do, for the love of god please don't do what VIPM does where it endlessly forces itself in front of every other window every 3 seconds just to piss you off. I know the exe doesn't care or have emotions, but every time I install a package I ctrl+alt+delete the damn thing just to spite it.

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