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VI server method to get refs of all clones?

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I thought there was an easy, built in, VI server way of doing the following, but I haven't found one. Am I missing something trivial?

So I have one application instance, spawning clones of a certain VI. I would like to get an array of the VI refs of all of these clones. I thought I could via some property like  Application:All VIs in memory, but I haven't found any suitable. All VIs in memory gets only the base VI names.

Missing that, I resort to register all my clones in a FGV as they startup, r.png, and consult the FGV at will. Is there a more linear way?


I also note that I have to associate each VI ref with its clone name in the FGV, otherwise plain refs to different clones match as equal in lookups.

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There is not a native way to do this.  Clones are created and destroyed as needed, and I don't think there is a central place that keeps track of what ones are opened.  In the IDE you can go to View >> Browse Relationship >> Reentrant Items, but I think this list is probably populated and maintained by the IDE and not some VI server pool.  Your method would probably work fine as long as you remember to run that function and track them appropriately. 

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