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LabVIEW Network License Problem

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Our company has a company-wide network license server for LabVIEW. I have a machine where I installed LabVIEW and everything works dandy there. But nobody else can use it at all. I've already been through plural rounds of local IT shooting in the dark: try this, try that, try something else, do the first thing again. It's all been no use.

So does anyone know where I can delve into my own WORKING connection for LabVIEW to its networked license server to learn what it is that my own account does right? A register someplace, a configuration menu, a hidden *.ini file somewhere? Anything like that to tell me how my own, working LabVIEW gets along fine. Then I'd have some positive info for knowing how to fix the license connection for others.

Attached is the error message I get when trying to fire up LabVIEW from a different account on the same machine. It finds all the VIs which I wrote just fine. What's failing to load, so I surmise, is some other, more basic part of LabVIEW itself.


Gan Uesli Starling, KY8D

Test Enineer


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The people who set up the NI network license server have to set up permissions for particular computers to get licenses.  It's not an "everybody who wants a license can get one" type of system.  Everytime I have a new computer I have to have my IT set up the server to allow it to grant licenses to my new computer.


Your screen shot seems different than what you're describing however.  People who install LabVIEW on a computer should be able to use LabVIEW in evaluation mode for a short period of time (can't remember if it's 30 days or something shorter).

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I've had these issues.

This is not a License Issue, it's a windows permission problem.
LV was installed by user X (so the LV files is owned by that use).

Now when user Y logs in he/she won't be able to open any files belonging to user X.
I've had this issue on some PCs, you can try right clicking on the e.g. LV20XX folders and re-set the user permissions on it and all it's sub folders.
Properties->Security->>Add Everyone Full Control.

When I get issues like this I normally asks IT to fix it.




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Okay, so I tried those and it still didn't help. A full-reinstall, this time carefully choosing the machine-based (aka "all users") version from our company's (far away) network server. Still the same issues, no matter what. Other users could open LabVIEW and even write their own tiny LabVIEW test routines and have them work ... but only so long as their VI did not include the Three Button Dialog. For other users different from me, the Three Button Dialog (and a few others) were missing from the pallet. Only for others, never for me.

So I decided nest to "Remove all NI Software" via the Control Panel before attempting yet another re-install. And that removal took many hours. I began it at 3PM and by 5PM it was only barely beginning ... on a removal! I came back at 7PM and it was just over half. I went to dinner and came back well after 8PM and the removal thermometer was only up to two-thirds. By morning the removal was done.

But now I am shy of the whole company-network installation process. Know that all of our prior installs of LabVIEW via the company server (in a state far away) have taken all night. And sometimes we'd come in to find the install had failed.

Has anyone  a similar experience? Or does anyone know of a way to do LabVIEW installs via CDROM and then, ex-post-facto, make a configuration change so as to get user-rights from their corporate license by setting a configuration file? Anything which won't take all night?



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SOLVED! My issues are now resolved. How we did was:


  1. Via Windows Control Panel, first removed all NI Software.
    1. Said software having been previously installed from an in-house source (corporate IT hosted out-of-state server).
    2. Removal of which took many hours.
  2. Install LabVIEW 2013 afresh from CDROM, electing “Evaluation only…” as the license option.
  3. Update the NI Package Manager when so prompted.
  4. Opted for only URGENT and LabVIEW 2013 related updates.
  5. Ran, ex-post-facto, the in-house "vlmclient.exe" to associate our in-house license.


That went WAY more smoothly than (as our own corporate IT had set up) installing LabVIEW from "setup.exe" files hosted through our intranet on corporate servers out-of-state.


Post this fix, on running LabVIEW, all seems to work as it should. Nothing comes up missing. We get no permissions errors. All is well for plural users. I assume that our in-house license server took as, upon starting, we do not get a pop-up about how many days left in the evaluation period.



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