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Gracefully handling EtherCAT slave connection and disconnection

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Does any one have any experience dealing with ethercat slave connection and disconnection while the system is running? Say you have a daisy chain of etherCAT slaves and the last one gets disconnected. From what I have seen the Scan Engine stops and goes to configuration mode. What if I want the system to just keep running as normal?


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I don't think thats possible. If I remember ecat correctly, in your scenario one of the devices that is forwarding the data packet has been removed, so the packet never returns to the host (http://www.ni.com/white-paper/7299/en/). You'd have to probably rescan modules to update the configuration (so it knows the last device is gone) and then change mode back to active. Supposedly beckhoff claims to have a 'hot connect' feature but I don't think NI has that.

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