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  1. I am using U8, but the problem is that I need two arrays each 1000 elements long and this with the extra code is too much. It seems that the only way is to use DMA FIFOs. Kind regards, Greg
  2. Thank you for your fast response. Unfortunately if I use a control/indicator array I am using too much registers and LUTs. Is there any way around, so that I can put the entire array in a memory block? Kind regards, Greg
  3. Hello! Is there anything similar to "DMA MEMORY" that behaves like DMA FIFO, but without the FIFO part? I would like to transfer 1000 bytes of data from the FPGA to the cRIO host and 1000 bytes of data from the host to the FPGA and I don't care about old data - I only need the latest data. Ideally I would like to have two pieces of memory, each 1000 bytes long. One piece that can be written from the FPGA and read from the host and the other piece that can be written by the host and read by the FPGA, so that the first byte of data is always on the address 0. DMA FIFO is not a viable solution, because I would like to get the data as fast as possible, but I can read it on the host only on certain non deterministic intervals. If I would use the DMA FIFO, I would need a huge FIFO to store all the unused old measurements. Thank you for any reply or suggestion. Kind regards, Greg
  4. @Swen Thank you for confirming that at least somebody used Beckhoff modules in some projects. Yes I used the latest XML files, but unfortunately for some other reasons I am stuck with LabView 2009 and because of that I am not using the latest NI drivers. I am using the Beckhoff EK1101 EtherCAT Coupler and a couple of digital inputs and digital outputs modules - nothing special. The most interesting thing is that when the communication is failing even the cRIO is somehow getting corrupted and it needs a total format, re-install and even after that I must start a new project first to enable the communication, so that the communication is working again for all projects. (I even tried for a short time to use the latest NI drivers and LabView, but the situation did not improve.) Kind regards, Greg
  5. @WireWarrior Thank you for your reply. I searched the EtherCAT site, but didn't find anything useful. I am mostly interested if anybody managed to have a stable communication between a CompactRIO and any Beckhoff EtherCAT modules. I somehow managed to persuade cRIO to communicate with a Beckhoff module, but the communication is not stable (sometimes everything is freezing and even cRIO needs a format to restart working!?). Kind regards, Greg
  6. Hello. I am trying to connect some Beckhoff EtherCAT modules to a cRIO and at the beginning everything was looking good, but now I have some serious troubles with the EtherCAT drivers. When I am trying to start or deploy a project everything is crashing, cRIO is rebooting, PC to cRIO communication is lost and nothing is working. The problem is with the EtherCAT drivers, because if the EtherCAT drivers are disabled everything is working. Does anybody has any idea what should I try? Did somebody managed to use Beckhoff EtherCAT modules with a cRIO and LabVIEW 2009? Any help or reply is much appreciated. Kind regards, Greg
  7. @vugie Thank you for your reply. Now things are much clearer. Your example and reply are explaining everything perfectly. Kind regards, Greg
  8. Hello. I am loading various VRML (wrl) files to my 3D scene and everything is working perfectly, except I did not find a way to change colors of this VRML objects. Is there any way that you can dynamically change colors of loaded VRML objects? I tried to use a SceneObject property Material.Diffuse, but nothing happens. Any help is much appreciated. Kind regards, Greg
  9. @COsiecki Yes I tried to make a huge 3d cube, but then when you rotate the scene you see that there is a huge cube. Also I think that rendering a huge cube is also time consuming. @ShaunR Thank you for your response. This is exactly what I was looking for. Now even the build-in help makes a little more sense to me. Kind regards, Greg
  10. Hello. I tried to import a vrml file to LabView and everything is working, except the background. I now found that according to http://digital.ni.co...62575CA005747E0 the background feature is unsupported. Is there a way to change the background in a 3D scene? I found some background color properties, but I found the help a little confusing (I am a novice). Any help is much appreciated. Kind regards, Greg
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