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RS485 communication useing Modbus master

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This is senthil. I do the program in LabVIEW for modbus RS485 communication. I use LabVIEW 2012 full development system. i also install modbus master from VIPM. I did the program using Modbus master. I using read holding register to read the data. But in excution time data didn't show.

Modbus master.PNG

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it looks wrong from scratch that you're repeatedly initializing and closing the port in a full throttled loop. Anyway, first things first, not knowing what your device is, and whether the communication parameters and the register address are the right ones, there is little we can say beyond "ah, it doesn't work". It might even be that you didn't wire the device correctly. Is that 2 wire RS485 or 4? Are you positive about polarities? Do the VIs give some error?

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Hello Senthil,

I would recommend trying the "MB_Master Comm Tester" (you can find this in LabVIEW's example finder) to test the communication with the device. This way you can just focus on the testing the serial port settings and register addresses before writing your own code.

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 i use schneider electric energy meter Model:EM:1200. which is come with RS485 communication port. my program is to read the power and power factor using RS485 communication in LabVIEW. I try to program using modbus master, but values didn't shown. please help me.

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