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    • By MisterDesai
      I'm trying to create a better user interface for my tree navigation. The tree will ultimately have hundreds of items within it and I'm adding a search bar (simple string control).
      I'm looking for someway to problematically hide all of branches that don't contain the search query but I can't find any methods or properties that can do this.
      Any ideas?
    • By Colin Zhang
      As above the code, it work fine under development platform, but failed when building .exe application. 
      After troubleshot, find out the broken point is the Clipboard.Get Image.  What is the problem? Why does it not work fine?
      This vi is used to copy the screen shot, and then save to PNG file. 
      1. Thanks, mje. Attache the VI, in fact you can copy the PNG file to BD directly and get the code.
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