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issue about Invoke Node


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38 minutes ago, willsan said:

hi. I call VI use the invoke node ,the source code is below picture, if run the source code, the VIs can be normal called, but if run the generated EXE, the VIs can not  be called.picture.JPG

the Chinese character "假" means false.

the VIs path is correctly.


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couple of things.  When building an executable the path of the executable is now inserted into the path so 




If this is already accounted for then the easiest way to find out what is happening is to create a debuggable executable which enables you to debug as you would normal do in LabVIEW environment.  See here



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11 hours ago, CraigC said:

thanks for you help.

I know the path is different after run the generated EXE file. the situation can be ignored. I will debug executable file to find the root cause and I will share it at this topic if I can resolve it. the issue has been puzzled me for several days.


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