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[CR] .xml test report Measurements.zip

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.xml test report Measurements.zip

This XML test report library is available for you to modify at your will.

It is based on the IPC-2547 standard so it is easier for any other application or database to parse.

The html file report offered by LabVIEW was not sufficient for my need.

So I created those. enjoy!!!


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    • By Benoit
      This XML test report library is available for you to modify at your will.
      It is based on the IPC-2547 standard so it is easier for any other application or database to parse.
      The html file report offered by LabVIEW was not sufficient for my need.
      So I created those. enjoy!!!
    • By A Scottish moose
      Hello all,
      My question is: what is your preferred non-volatile way of storing daqmx task configurations? 
      Backstory: For a long time I've used ini files to maintain task configurations between executions of a program. This has worked for primarily static DAQmx configurations but I'm looking at creating a test executive with some degree of flexibility, which means daqmx task configurations start to get more complicated.
      If you use MAX for storing your tasks:  Do you run into problems accessing and maintaining these tasks even though you don't have direct access to the file?  Or is there an unlisted storage location for these files?
      If you use ini/text based files:  How do you keep things orderly?  I'm running into all kinds of limitations with the format.
      If you use XML: Where did you find your schema?  Did you write it?  I know NI saves tasks as XML files, and so therefore the schema exists, but I haven't been able to figure out how to use it.  I've created a task in my project and then dug through the XML of the project to find the attached image.  I believe this would be the ideal solution, but a little bit of digging in around NI.com (I know...) and google (actually useful) has resulted in no answers.
      I know there is an elegant answer to this question, I've just not found it yet.  Thanks in advance for your comments. 
      Tim M

    • By Mafis
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
      <DCT Version="V3.0" User="Administrator" FileType="4" TagListFile=""><DATASOURCE Name="Marchwood" User="root" Password="" Driver="PI"/><PLANT PlantName="Marchwood" UnitName="Plant" ConfigFile="MAR1_Avg_000.XML" ConfigFileCreation="16/04/2007 14:01:40" TimeBias="0" Locale="(GMT) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London"/><DATA_MESSAGE Type="Average" TimeBegin="31-Dec-2007 00:00:00" TimeEnd="01-Jan-2008 00:00:00" SamplePeriod="00:05:00" RequestType="Automatic" TransferPeriod="24"><DATA_POINT PopName="11GB_VIB_HP-SMAX" TagName="11GB_VIB_HP-SMAX" Vartype="A" UnitLabel="µm"><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199059500" Validity="0" Value="1.274646E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199059800" Validity="0" Value="1.260714E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199060100" Validity="0" Value="1.248902E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199060400" Validity="0" Value="1.236600E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199060700" Validity="0" Value="1.231612E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199061000" Validity="0" Value="1.237882E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199061300" Validity="0" Value="1.231513E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199061600" Validity="0" Value="1.233609E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199061900" Validity="0" Value="1.235653E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199062200" Validity="0" Value="1.236966E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199062500" Validity="0" Value="1.235595E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199062800" Validity="0" Value="1.221824E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199063100" Validity="0" Value="1.210020E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199063400" Validity="0" Value="1.202238E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199063700" Validity="0" Value="1.220617E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199064000" Validity="0" Value="1.231157E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199064300" Validity="0" Value="1.228374E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199064600" Validity="0" Value="1.230319E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199064900" Validity="0" Value="1.237157E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199065200" Validity="0" Value="1.231859E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199065500" Validity="0" Value="1.228248E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199065800" Validity="0" Value="1.235305E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199066100" Validity="0" Value="1.248533E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199066400" Validity="0" Value="1.242054E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199066700" Validity="0" Value="1.230065E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199067000" Validity="0" Value="1.228046E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199067300" Validity="0" Value="1.245642E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199067600" Validity="0" Value="1.245089E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199067900" Validity="0" Value="1.239629E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199068200" Validity="0" Value="1.242647E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199068500" Validity="0" Value="1.249479E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199068800" Validity="0" Value="1.251456E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199069100" Validity="0" Value="1.266746E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199069400" Validity="0" Value="1.266234E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199069700" Validity="0" Value="1.266106E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199070000" Validity="0" Value="1.259365E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199070300" Validity="0" Value="1.238166E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199070600" Validity="0" Value="1.229414E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199070900" Validity="0" Value="1.224306E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199071200" Validity="0" Value="1.225017E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199071500" Validity="0" Value="1.207360E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199071800" Validity="0" Value="1.223199E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199072100" Validity="0" Value="1.232578E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199072400" Validity="0" Value="1.236228E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199072700" Validity="0" Value="1.243583E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199073000" Validity="0" Value="1.254738E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199073300" Validity="0" Value="1.279570E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199073600" Validity="0" Value="1.317496E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199073900" Validity="0" Value="1.322220E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199074200" Validity="0" Value="1.337082E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199074500" Validity="0" Value="1.323367E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199074800" Validity="0" Value="1.274038E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199075100" Validity="0" Value="1.235951E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199075400" Validity="0" Value="1.243144E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199075700" Validity="0" Value="1.255276E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199076000" Validity="0" Value="1.263342E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199076300" Validity="0" Value="1.252355E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199076600" Validity="0" Value="1.254722E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199076900" Validity="0" Value="1.261100E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199077200" Validity="0" Value="1.265973E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199077500" Validity="0" Value="1.257116E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199077800" Validity="0" Value="1.245824E+01"/><SAMPLE TimeStamp="1199078100" Validity="0"
    • By Chris_Collier
      I'm building an application (which I am intending to share at a local user group soon), but am having issues with XML file data versioning.
      My intent is to have a data type which has a version string, and a variant for the data which will be read according to the version number in the version string.  The issue is that if you flatten the data type to an XML string with any data in the variant, then try to unflatten the data, you get an error (1106: "LabVIEW:  The XML tag describing the type of data does not match the wired type.")
      How have you done versioning for data files which you are pretty sure will change over time?
      And can anyone tell me why this attempt doesn't work?
      -Chris Collier
      P.S. The attached files are in LV 2014
      Test XML.zip
    • By cmh
      Hi all,
      I'm having problems with a program I've written that hangs after some period of running. The program is fairly simple but it does a lot of xml parsing so to fix the problem I'm looking for things like references that are not closed. I have found one unclosed reference in one of my subVI:s but I can't close it without breaking the program so I look to you for help.
      The reference in question is the "Node Out" reference in the NI_XML.lvlib:Get First Matched Node.vi marked in the attached file CloseRef. What I would like to do is really to wire it to the invoke node (and not use the "Refnum in" there) but that does not work because somehow the reference has changed from a document reference to a node reference. If I just close the "Node Out" reference my program doesn't work (I guess it kills the "Refnum in" reference which I need later on).

      Any ideas on how I could handle the matter?
      Maybe this is not the cause of the program hanging but it's the best candidate I found so far.
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