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  1. Hi Priya, I cannot run one VI as there are missing subVIs in STrace.vi. I have attached a VI where I have combined the 2 block diagrams. This is not an ideal solution. A better way would be to use each VI as a subVI, then place each subVI on a calling VI. To do this you will need to create a connector pane for each of your VIs. There are plenty of online tutorials that explain how to do this. One last comment. This site is intended for LabVIEW advanced users. You may find more appropriate help on the ni.com web site. There is also a Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/430271233771850/) that may be helpful. STRace and Mic Combined.vi
  2. Thanks for your input, and sorry for not responding sooner. For some reason LAVAG does not like to send me notifications, even when enabled. which means I have to manually check for responses. It sounds like we are on the same page, in that there are different solutions for different problems. As someone who teaches LabVIEW Core 1 and 2 on a regular basis, I find the basic producer/consumer can be overwhelming to new developers. My feeling is the producer/consumer, and state machine, are a good foundations on which to start. As skills and application complexity increase the QMH is the next step, and so on. Hopefully all the loops have matching decor.
  3. @drjdpowell Agreed, the Producer/Consumer does have limitations, but it is good starting point for LabVIEW developers. Out of curiosity, what architecture/design pattern would you suggest a new(ish) LabVIEW developer use in place of the Producer/Consumer?
  4. It sounds like you have made the 'Service Use Only' tab the default value for the Tab control. Select the 'Manual Adjust' tab, right click on the tab, and from the short-cut menu select Data Operations>>Make Current Value Default.
  5. As you have discovered, one of the limitations of the Event Structure is that it will only process one event at a time. A search of YouTube with 'labview producer consumer' returns a number of videos that discuss using multiple loops with the event structure. If you have access to the LabVIEW Core 2 material the producer-consumer design pattern is discussed there. Using multiple loops enables your program to keep processing events while performing other tasks (e.g. prompting the user for input).
  6. A Picture Ring control (configured as an indicator) sounds like a good candidate, and available in 2011.
  7. This advice may not be much use for your imminent interview, but for the future it may prove useful. If you are looking for a job/career that focuses on using LabVIEW, then you should seriously consider gaining a LabVIEW certification. Certified LabVIEW Developer is the sweet spot. The NI web site has lots of information, including preparation material. Check it out at: http://sine.ni.com/tacs/app/main/p/ap/ov/lang/en/fmid/499
  8. There are tookits available that can convert XML to LabVIEW data. For example JKI's Easy XML Toolkit: http://jki.net/tools may work for you.
  9. I saw another comment in one of the ni.com forums expressing similar frustration. Looks like someone sent the emails without checking that the back end systems were ready.
  10. I received an email from NI today, offering a 50% discount on the price if you register by Sept. 1st. When I tried to register with my user name the web site showed my NI Week 2016 registration information. Anyone else received the email and tried to register?
  11. Hima, UDP is a lossy protocol. There is no guarantee that all the data will arrive at the listener. This could be one reason you are seeing data loss. Have you considered usiing TCP/IP, a much more robust protocol?
  12. Have you considered simply moving the Producer Loop for Measurements into it's own loop? You could have 6 separate While Loop, or possibly combine the Instrument Loops into one loop (need to think that over). If you haven't done so already take a look at the Queued Message Handler template that ships with LabVIEW and the Continues Measurement and Logging sample project. Based on what you have posted I think you will find the template educational, as you are pretty close to what it does. The loops have different names, but the concepts are the same.Hope this helps.
  13. Pleased to hear all is well. My paranoia alarm needs to be turned down
  14. jj321, My guess is that I am not the only person looking at your posting and wondering what will happen if I download and open/run your VI. If you are looking for a response it may be better to post a screen shot of your code and provide a little more background information. If you are curious, here are why my alarm bells are ringing; you have never posted to the group before, the one liner description is scant on details, your user name makes me think you are hiding something, etc. In other words, your posting appears to have the potential to do my computer harm and will be treated as such by me. I suspect anyone else who is worried about downloading suspicious content will do the same. Based on the above I will be pressing the 'Report this Post' button. If someone has downloaded the VI and sees no problems, please let us know.
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