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Ring Control: event for the current value?

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I am struggling with this user interaction I would have thought would be easy to solve.

My GUI has a ring control populated with some values (a list of recent files). Does anybody know how to handle the situation where they click the same item as is currently selected? I cannot figure out a way to handle this sensibly.

Perhaps it would be better to use some other control class? I have been asked to implement this as a drop-down type control (which is quite customised cosmetically).

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I have spent a good few hours already trying many things. About the closest I got to something workable is to dynamically invoke the short-cut menu on a left-click. Actually that works quite nicely except the menu is positioned at the cursor which looks a bit weird and also uses the OS font rather than the font and size of my GUI.

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Yeah, playing with this I can see that there's no native way to gracefully handle this.

There are tools out there for creating custom popup menus, you can use one of these to generate a dynamic menu that appears beneath the ring control, just as the native control would?

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4 hours ago, pawhan11 said:

Seems that combo box always creates value change event :D

Looks like I may be able to get this to work. I need to be able to customise the control so the the button spans the whole of the text to allow you to click anywhere on it.


Edit: works well, thanks!

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I used another mouse down event case and wired a value of -1 to the ring control, so the same value selected also triggers a value change event.


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