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building a display calculator

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what do you mean by display calculator?

count the number of display? cont the number of defect in the display?

Your question is like i want to go to the moon... someone can help me? lol

When you request help, please put as much details as possible. help us to help you.



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I've looked at all your posts and it looks like your asking help for your homework, if it is the case, just say it, there's nothing wrong with asking for help but you can't ask us to do it all for you.

If I'm wrong I apologize.

Anyway start writing some code and if you need help to make it work the way you want we'll help you.

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For me, something being another person's homework assignment is something that would make me more likely to want to do it for them, not less. I enjoy keeping options open for people who want them, especially when others would rather close them off. If it is in fact a homework assignment though, don't get your hopes up, because it would still have to be something I'd want to put the time into doing anyway.

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