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PCIe-1477 / serial communication

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Hello experts,

I am interested in the frame grabber PCIe-1477.


Unfortunately, the examples are not complete in my opinion. At first glance I do not have the serial communication for the parameterization of the camera.
(Requires: NI Vision Acquisition Software 18.5).


Does anyone have experience with the frame grabber and how was the parameterization done?

Have a nice Weekend


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Hi Jim,

I've used this framegrabber in the past (and similar one like PCIe-1430 and 1433).

Just to be clear, the serial communication goes through the CameraLink cables and can only be used to read/write settings on the camera.

And as far as I know the only way to use this communication is by using the VI from the NI-IMAQ sub palette "Camera Control" and these VIs come as part of Vision Acquisition Software.


It's always been working just fine for me with different cameras (Basler, Sony, JAI to name a few brands). You do have to read the camera's user manual to know how to implement the communication though.

Do you know which camera you're going to use?

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19 hours ago, Antoine Chalons said:

I don't have a good answer to that question so I'm not going to make up a bad one. It's completely unnecessary.

I only asked because a few years ago I decided to change how I write classes. Methods that do not modify the data do not have the output class. See http://www.walkingthewires.com/2016/02/15/just-passing-through/

I really like this technique as to me as a developer it conveys intent to somebody else looking at the code. From a higher level it shows that the method does not modify any private data in the object. 


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I've not used the PCIe-1477, but have been using the earlier PCIe-1473 - different FPGA chip but I presume the coding is similar.  If you want to code the FPGA directly, rather than using the IMAQ routines, have a look at examples such as this one, which also show how to write to/from the CameraLink serial lines.  However, as @Antoine Chalons says, you do need to know the specific commands for your camera.

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Hello experts,

I've figured out how it works by now.
A code on the FPGA side like on the PCe 1473 is no longer necessary.
The required VI´s on the host side for the serial communication can be found at:

\LabVIEW 2018\examples\Vision-RIO\PCIe-1477\Common\CL Serial NIFlexRIO

Merry Christmas

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