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XNodes inside XNodes

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I've discovered that it's best not to put XNodes inside of XNodes (watch out for the NI XNodes like the Error Ring).
If VI "A" depends on XNode "B", and XNode "B" depends on XNode "C",
then if you save VI "A" for a previous version of LabVIEW,
within that previous version, all instances of XNode "C" will be broken.
The attached tool will dig through an XNode looking for dependencies on other XNodes.

Check for Nested XNodes.vi

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I think this is exposing one of the issues NI had with XNodes.  One reason I was told by R&D that XNode development had slowed and halted, was due to the fact that XNodes don't work well inside classes, or more specifically they don't work well in libraries.  I couldn't pin point the issue exactly, but it seemed that opening a library would lock the XNode, and opening the XNode would lock the library.  I found some working solutions that were all terrible but I just couldn't get the IDE to work nicely and I suspect an XNode in an XNode has the same issue and I think name space was partly to blame.

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