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Ditto!  It's bitten me a couple of times since I started at my current employer.  I've found instances where developers (who are no longer here, or were contracted by a certain NI Alliance Partner) have configured global tasks and channels in MAX and called them from LabVIEW/TestStand code.  Also, I've seen where they've defined custom names for devices in MAX and referenced them in LabVIEW executables. 

I don't now what's been causing it lately (Win-blows updates?), but several of our factory testers, which use the methods above have been "forgetting" their custom MAX-defined names in recent weeks.  Backups of the MAX config aren't always there, so I don't know what the names SHOULD be.  I've had to try to find the source code for LabVIEW executables in several occasions in order to figure out what the MAX configuration should be, but have found that either the source code was "lost", or not all dependencies are there.

I won't mention the name of the NI Alliance Partner that did some of the testers.  It was actually a company that I was thinking of applying to when I was in danger of losing my job due to reductions in force, but I will say that if an operator tells me that there's a problem with a tester, and that it's a __________ tester, I always *sigh*.

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agreed.  As part of my trials and tribulations with MAX I had to repair NI VISA.  With NIPM18.5? no option to do that so they recommend uninstalling and reinstalling...fair enough.  Tried that and NIPM wanted to uninstall LabVIEW..wtf.   Upgrading to the latest version of NIPM (19.6) provided a better experience allowing you to repair installs now.

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