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  1. Maybe not a new feature, but somewhere in the talk they mentioned a 2021 LabVIEW license would give you access to Windows, Linux, and Mac versions, no separate purchases required.
  2. Don't disagree at all with the increase of computational power, but JPL has rules for code. I think having a set of rules helps to reduce possible errors.
  3. You thought it out more than me. The test will be when I get 2021.
  4. Just reporting that I used the DMC image control, had the box checked, and did NOT have a black image display. (LabVIEW 2020SP1, 64bit, Win10) No commentary on whether to check/uncheck box. Just suggesting a possible work around for folks who may want to check the box.
  5. Not commenting on whether to allow future versions ... However, if it is checked and you want to use an image control that won't change colors in the EXE version, the Image Control in the DMC controls package available on VIPM does not suffer from this problem.
  6. MAT files are now just H5 files(HDF). Look at the library https://h5labview.sourceforge.io/ and find the example for writing a MAT file. You just need to add a special header in the beginning. I assume the dlls needed will work on Windows server, but am not sure.
  7. Maybe this link on the dark side may help: https://forums.ni.com/t5/Example-Code/Determine-Clicked-Array-Element-Index-in-LabVIEW/ta-p/3536340?profile.language=en (Some limitations in the code, may have to change for newer style arrays) mcduff
  8. The following will replace a row or column subset or complete row or column of a 2D array using native functions and no loops or IPEs. If your subset array is 1D all you need to do is reshape it before a replace operation. ReplaceRowColumnSubset.vi
  9. Probably slower than your method, but it is possible using primitives, and it is quite messy also. See below.
  10. Maybe this thread can help, if you haven't seen it before mcduff
  11. The Matio library uses the old .mat file format; the new .mat format is based on HDF. Try one of HDF libraries to read your .mat, or re-save your file using the old version. mcduff
  12. It appears that NI is a hardware company rather than a software company. LabVIEW is developed to drive sales of hardware. This is similar to Apple, OS X, iOS, etc, are all developed to drive sales of hardware. mcduff
  13. Please correct my misunderstanding, the biggest difference between Maps and Variant attributes are Maps: Keys can be anything (all keys the same type), but all "attributes" need to be the same type. Variant: Keys need to be strings, but "attributes" can be different types. The structure seems similar, although slightly different. mcduff
  14. @Aristos Queue I haven't used NXG yet, but I heard that a future feature was the ability to drop other code snippets in the the block diagram. For example, I heard that it would be possible to drop some C code, Matlab "script" code, or python code directly in the block diagram. Is that still going to be a feature? Cheers, mcduff
  15. There is important aspect to the Front Panel defer updates nodes, this is from the help When you set this property to TRUE, LabVIEW redraws any front panel objects with pending changes then defers all new requests for front panel updates. For example, controls and indicators do not redraw when you change their properties or values. If the operating system requests a redraw, such as if the window is no longer behind another window, LabVIEW redraws the front panel with the current properties instead of the original properties. If FALSE, LabVIEW immediately redraws the changed elements of the front panel. So when you use it, it actually causes the front panel to redraw twice.
  16. Try this link for Material Design https://materialdesignicons.com/ You can do an advanced export where you can change the color.
  17. Wow. You picked the hardest thing to start with. Start with the following. http://www.ni.com/getting-started/labview-basics/ http://www.ni.com/academic/students/learn/ http://www.learnni.com/ http://sine.ni.com/myni/self-paced-training/app/main.xhtml http://www.ni.com/training/labview/ https://labviewwiki.org/wiki/Home/
  18. I saw a seminar by the person who created the program. It basically converts LabVIEW code to an Arduino script such that the Arduino can run without being attached to a computer/LabVIEW etc. I believe you can still communicate with a PC if desired. mcduff
  19. @drjdpowell Would you happen to have a document that has HDF5 attributes needed to make an HDF5 netCDF-4 compliant. I have downloaded some example netCDF-4 files and the attributes among them are slightly different. In addition, finding information on this site is not straightforward. Thanks for your help. Regards, mcduff
  20. Not sure if VIPM could do this, but, if it could add the following lines to the LabVIEW ini file, ExternalNodesEnabled=True XNodeWizardMode=True I think the VIMs would work in 2009+, I don't have the versions to test it. mcduff
  21. THANKS!! Sorry for shouting, I was missing SuperSecretListboxStuff=True. Cheers, mcduff
  22. Bump. Sorry to keep asking, but does anybody know the answer to the following? "Excuse my stupidity, but I put that "EnableSecretPopups=True" in my INI, but still cannot find the option to enable multiple symbols in a MCLB. Not sure if I am looking in the wrong spot or if I need another INI key." Thanks mcduff
  23. I think the INI is EnableSecretPopups=True´╗┐. Then you can enable it for any MCLB, and I think tree. It also gives other menus like having parts of a button move or grow with a button as it is resized. Excuse my stupidity, but I put that "EnableSecretPopups=True" in my INI, but still cannot find the option to enable multiple symbols in a MCLB. Not sure if I am looking in the wrong spot or if I need another INI key. Thanks mcduff
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