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Norton AV removes PPLs

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Norton antivirus decided to remove all of my lvlibp files that I copied from our self-hosted gitlab repo.


It seems that it takes issue with the URL of the repo and the newness of the files.

Here is a post about WS.Reputation.1: https://community.norton.com/en/forums/clarification-wsreputation1-detection

They suggest that developers set up auto-protect exclusions for their project directories.

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    • By pawhan11
      Cross post from NI forums:
      I have project file that includes lvlibp library, functions from inside are called from many places inside application.
      Now this library resides in directory A, I want to do disk cleaning and load the same PPL but from another place on disk. 
      I have played with it and I can not do this... When I remove currently used ppl it goes to dependencies. When I add to project library from new path there is hundreds of confilcts that can not be resolved. 

      Is there a simple catch that I am missing? 
    • By smidsy
      Hi All,
      I have an application that uses PPL (Packed project library). During the build process of my application LabVIEW copies the PPL to build/My App Folder/data. I can run the application afterwards. If the PPL is deleted or moved later from this ../data/ directory I no longer can run the app.
      Is there a way to dynamically link and load PPL from another location?  I've tried using viSearchPath for this but unfortunately it doesn't work. 
      also posted here http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Create-a-link-to-PPL-Packed-Project-Library-in-Application/td-p/3555902
    • By ensegre
      Anyone using, are there recommendations or tips to share? Following to my whines for a serious internal SCC, I got my IT to install Gitlab CE on an internal server, and I'm happily tucking with it so far. I see that Gitlab should have a product called Gitlab CI (continuous integration) as well as the option of webhooks to external services, I wonder what else it would take to have the functionality working, with private availability of the build. E.g. which build script, where sits LV, cross-platform builds if relevant, periodicity of the build (every commit? nightly? tagged? only last?) etc.
      General pointers to how automated builds (specifically LV) are handled by other SCC also appreciated, for my education.
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