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How to simulate click button, enter string on the window/dialog of the other running application?

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I just need an example vi or tool can do following automatically instead of mouse click and enter keyboard:


1. Detect the application window (handle), click one of the buttons(most of time just a OK button) on it.

2. Fill out one blank try on the window. (I already have vi can read strings from file).


In the test, I have to repeat above 2 steps hundreds of times, with click different button, enter string manually. Now I do it manually which is boring and time consuming. I want to automate the test and have some vi to read string from file, decide which button to click, etc.


Just need Labview code which can perform button click and string enter on the dialog.


Thank you for any suggestions !

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Thank you for example of key enter and mouse click !

One more question, in Labview, how to get the handle/ref of the running windows/dialog ? And the handle of the button/string box on that window ?


Basically, the application (exe) is running will pop up a dialig with 1~3 buttons and one input box. Now I have to enter the string and click button through key board manually.

I need code a separate Labview tool to click button, enter string on that dialog.


Many thanks for your time and help !


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On 2/1/2021 at 6:20 PM, VCXO said:

I need code a separate Labview tool to click button, enter string on that dialog.

Is that other application a normal Windows app or a LabVIEW executable? In most normal Windows apps each control (button, numeric etc) is really another window that is a child window of the main window. LabVIEW applications manage their controls entirely themselves and don't use a window for each of them. They only use a window for the main window of each front panel and for ActiveX/.Net controls.

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LabVIEW executable (or LabVIEW source code when debugging). 

I need simulate clicking the "start" button and "X" of the window to close the executable.

During some steps of the sequence, this mother window will pop out a children window or dialog. I need simulate enter a barcode (string), clicking the "OK" button. Then sequence will run ned step.


Please provide some example LabView code can perform above functions. Thank you so much !

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