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Can someone please explain this weird SQLite behavior to me? How do I fix this?

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On 8/17/2021 at 7:28 PM, Stagg54 said:

This: https://sqlite.org/rescode.html#mismatch says it should only ever happen when trying to set a rowid to something other than an integer. I'm not doing that.

They say there are a few rare cases.  The mentioned one seems only be an example of one of these cases. I would say this is not a "complete list" of all cases.

The error occurs even if you have no DB Browser opened parallel? 

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Yes, it was still occurring w/o db browser running in parallel. It appears to happen when reading an empty view composed of other views, but I have several views composed of other views and not all of them exhibit this behavior. My work around it just to catch the error and clear, since it only seems to occur when the view is empty. 

to Dr Powell, I could give you the VI. It is a simple SELECT statement. The trick is the database. It's rather complicated and involved. I was unable to distill it down to a simple example.

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