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Middle mouse button to pan

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Oh this is a great idea and something I was able to do pretty quickly in XMouse Control.

So previously I had mine configured so that the middle click would invoke <CTRL><Space> so that I could middle click and bring up the quick drop.  I also have it so that if you press the back and forward buttons on your mouse, it will cycle through the cases of an event structure, or case structure.  But this was a pretty easy thing to change the middle mouse to perform a pan instead.  Attached is my config but it personally won't be helpful for me since I am a non-auto tool guy, and it requires auto-tool to be on.  Just go download the X Mouse utility and use this config which should only get enabled when LabVIEW.exe is the active application.  And if you are interested in the Middle click invoking QuickDrop go checkout the config I posted on the dark side.

EDIT: Oh another thing I noticed is this only works if you use the middle click when on blank space.  If you try to pan on an object it will copy it.

LabVIEW Pan and Case Turn.xmbcs

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Nice idea hooovahh, I did not think to solve it this way. I already have a nice Steel Series mouse which comes with a macro configurer and I have some set up for LabVIEW but I always forget to use them! This might be one I remember to use 🙂

My problem with using the middle mouse button is that unless other applications use it already (like Chrome or Firefox to close tabs) so you need to make it application specific. My Steel Series configurer has a way to do this but it seems to be a bit clumsy especially when dealing with multiple versions of LabVIEW and then switching over to a browser mid session.

Is this XMouse Control thing any good?

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9 minutes ago, Neil Pate said:

My problem with using the middle mouse button is that unless other applications use it already (like Chrome or Firefox to close tabs) 

Is this XMouse Control thing any good?

The config I attached already takes care of this.  You can make several profiles and the one I attached only gets applied if "LabVIEW.exe" is the active program.  So when you are using something other than LabVIEW, the mouse acts like it normally does.  I tried other methods of detecting when LabVIEW is active, and it was less reliable.  I tried doing something like attaching to some system core process LabVIEW uses.  One odd side effect I noticed, is if you open a help menu from within LabVIEW, then press the back button on the mouse, it doesn't work like it should.  Still I'm not using  back in the help documentation much.

It does have a capture for tilting the mouse wheel and it might be possible to have it pan using that too.

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