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Ubuntu daqmx / miss: ni-daqmx-labview-2021-support


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Hello experts,

I am trying to install the daqmx driver on Ubuntu as described here:


apt-get install ni-daqmx


The installation works smoothly.

Unfortunately the VI's of the daqmx driver are not visible under Labview 2021SP1 after the installation.

I am of the opinion that you should also install the package:

apt-get install ni-daqmx-labview-2021-support

to make the VI's visible under Labview. But this package is not included anymore. In former times there was this package.

My question: How do I make the daqmx VI's visible under Labview?

Greetings, Jim

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Today I remarked that synaptic knows about ni-daqmx-labview-2021-support, so I marked it and installed it. I guess that NI repos were not updated. The familiar DAQmx VIs appeared in the palette at LV restart, I can open a VI which uses them. I still have to get hold of some device to test that they really work.

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