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Let’s make Deep Learning easy with HAIBAL Library on LabVIEW !!

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 Dear Community,

 TDF is proud to announced the coming soon release of HAIBAL library to do Deep Learning on LabVIEW.

The HAIBAL project is structured in the same way as Keras.

The project consists of more than 3000 VIs including, all is coded in LabVIEW native:😱😱😱

  • 16 activations (ELU, Exponential, GELU, HardSigmoid, LeakyReLU, Linear, PReLU, ReLU, SELU, Sigmoid, SoftMax, SoftPlus, SoftSign, Swish, TanH, ThresholdedReLU), nonlinear mathematical function generally placed after each layer having weights.
  • 84 functional layers/layers (Dense, Conv, MaxPool, RNN, Dropout, etc…).
  • 14 loss functions (BinaryCrossentropy, BinaryCrossentropyWithLogits, Crossentropy, CrossentropyWithLogits, Hinge, Huber, KLDivergence, LogCosH, MeanAbsoluteError, MeanAbsolutePercentage, MeanSquare, MeanSquareLog, Poisson, SquaredHinge), function evaluating the prediction in relation to the target.
  • 15 initialization functions (Constant, GlorotNormal, GlorotUniform, HeNormal, HeUniform, Identity, LeCunNormal, LeCunUniform, Ones, Orthogonal, RandomNormal, Random,Uniform, TruncatedNormal, VarianceScaling, Zeros), function initializing the weights.
  • 7 Optimizers (Adagrad, Adam, Inertia, Nadam, Nesterov, RMSProp, SGD), function to update the weights.


 Currently, we are working on the full integration of Keras in compatibility HDF5 file and will start soon same job for PyTorch. (we are able to load model from and will able to save model to in the future – this part is important for us).

Well obviously, Cuda is already working if you use Nvidia board and NI FPGA board will also be – not done yet.

We also working on the full integration on all Xilinx Alveo system for acceleration.

User will be able to do all the models he wants to do; the only limitation will be his hardware. (we will offer the same liberty as Keras or Pytorch) and in the future our company could propose Harware (Linux server with Xilinx Alveo card for exemple --> https://www.xilinx.com/products/boards-and-kits/alveo.html All full compatible Haibal !!!)


About the project communication: 

The website will be completely redone, a Youtube channel will be set up with many tutorials and a set of known examples will be offered within the library (Yolo, Mnist, etc.).

For now, we didn’t define release date, but we thought in the next July (it’s not official – we do our best to finish our product but as we are a small passionate team (we are 3 working on it) we do our best to release it soon).


This work is titanic and believe me it makes us happy that you encourage us in it. (it boosts us). In short, we are doing our best to release this library as soon as possible.

Still a little patience …


Youtube Video : 

This exemple is a template state machine using HAIBAL library.

It show a signal (here it's Cos) and the neural network during his training has to learn to predict this signal  (here we choose 40 neurones by layers, 5 layers, layer choose is dense).

This template will be proposed as basic example to understood how we initialize, train and use neural network model.  This kind of "visualisation exemple" is inspired from https://playground.tensorflow.org/ help who want to start to learn deep learning.








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This looks very interesting.

I am curious about your mention of HDF5 support. I am using the h5labview wrapper, which is not really updated anymore. Are you developing a complete support (read/write) of the HDF5 format as well?

Which version are you going to release it in? I am not planning to upgrade past 2021 due to the new NI licensing scheme (can't pay for the hostage fee with our meager grants if our Department decides to drop LabVIEW from their supported toolkit).

Kudos for the project and developers!

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We start dev of Haibal 9 month ago with LabVIEW 2020 (last version with perpetual licence), so it will be compiled and proposed at 2020.

For HDF5 we use python to import information we need. We made this choice because if you import HDF5 that mean you already use Python (From Pytorch or Keras).

This is the only part using Python. All is coded in native LabVIEW. 💪

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Hello everyone,



It is now time for us to communicate about the project. First of all, thank you for the support that some of you have given us during this summer. We didn't go on vacation and continued to work on the project.

We didn't communicate much because we were so busy. 

HAIBAL will be released soon, with some delay but it will be released soon.

We have solved many of our problems and are actively continuing development. The release 1 should be coming soon and we are thinking of setting up a free beta version for the community to give us feedback on the product. (What improvements would you like to see!)

For the official release, we might be a little bit late because the graphic part is not advanced yet. We still have to make a website and a youtube channel for the HAIBAL project. I don't even talk about the design of the icons which has not been started yet.

In short, the designer works a lot.

In the meantime, here is the promotional video of HAIBAL !

See you soon the community ! Be patient, the revolution is coming

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38 minutes ago, X___ said:

I wished I could be as excited as this deserves, but with the abysmal transformation of NI in a money machine making it impossible to get support for something as simple re-activating a permanent license, I am on my way to Python...

It's a shame because our library is really disruptive.
Being able to easily integrate any DEEP model into LabVIEW architectures is a pure joy.

One year to convince that is possible.
One year of hardwork to develop the Graphical Deep Learning Library.
One year of difficulties.
One year to do it.

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