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Anyone know of online User Group options?

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I was curious if anyone has been able to get recertification points from online events? With all the covid stuff I will be 45/50 points by the time my CLD expires.


I'm hoping there is a way to attend something online, since there won't be anymore local events in time, to get those last five points.


I did watch some of NI Connect but didn't see anything about recertification points anywhere.

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Dan I think you might be misunderstanding OP.  NI allows you to recertify by attending and participating in NI event.  If you get 50 points, you get to renew your CLA, or CLD without having to retake a test.  Attending a user group is 5 points, presenting is 10.  I still have time, but yeah I'm also going to be struggling to get enough points when needed.  I'm either renewing by points, or not renewing at all.

If there are any more online user groups taking place it would be nice to know about them so I can attend.  I've been slacking for sure.

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22 hours ago, ASTDan said:

I don't know what NI's policy is about watching a recorded user group meeting.  Personally I don't see the difference.  I don't make the call however...

There might be no difference technically. But there is one in terms of acknowledgment that you did attend. Typically there is some verification with the user group organizer when someone claims to have been attending one. If you watch a recording it would be hard for NI to verify that you did so and not just claim to have done so.

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