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Trouble creating an array of objects

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I am trying to create a general purpose cDaq program.  It would be used for a variety of measurement types and would have an undefined number of channels.  I would like to use objects.

I am having trouble creating /grouping my objects together without out breaking wires.  Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?  Pics and project below.






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You are creating an array of objects, then trying to wire that array into a scalar input in your class methods.  An array of objects needs to be handled similar to any other array - you will need to index each object from your array in order to use/operate on them.

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You can either have those purple VIs use an explicit array of objects inputs and outputs on the upper corner. However then they are not a class method but simply VIs. Or you can create a new class that has as one of its private data elements the array of objects. Then instead of just appending the objects to the shift register array you call a method of that class to add the object to its internal object array. Then you can make your purple methods be part of that new object collection class. 

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