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[CR] EXIF Reader - V1.0.zip

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Nicely written but doesn't work for me (LabVIEW 2023 64 bit on Windows 10) using this image:  dark-noise.png.1083886a707d7d656369953c52c6220d.png.

It hangs and never returns in "Point to EXIF Data - PNG.vi".

The while loop never terminates as "Get File Position.vi" returns Error 4 (end of file) and there is no check on errors inside the loop so it keeps going and incrementing "Offset past chunk". Additionally, there is no check on the value of the "Offset past chunk" in case it has increased beyond the number of bytes in the file (optional defensive programming).



You also have a custom installer which doesn't create all the palette icons correctly. I would recommend you look at the JKI VI Package Manager which is the defacto standard method for creating and installing addon packages.

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