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Amplifier in LabVIEW


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Hi all,

is there is any icon for amplifer in LABVIEW???f so can u plz help me in that????

Check the sound VIs (search the palettes for "sound"). There's the traditional "volume" icon. The only other icon would be a sinewave getting larger.

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hi all ,

thnx for reading my topic in this great forum , actuallly its my main source of learning LABVIEW....

I have question where can I find amplifier in LABVIEW??????????????????

What do you need, your previous question gave you a valid answer.

Please, be more specific and show what you have already!


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I'll try two things:

1. The attached VI has an icon with the graphic I suggested before. Use it if this is your problem.

2. You may be looking for a way to increase the values of a waveform. You can do this a couple of ways. A waveform is a series of y values with a constant time, delta t.

The example of the multiply function is actually valid. post-181-1164910392.png

You can also 'attenuate' by dividing or subtracting a value from the waveform.

You connect your waveform to one terminal and the value you wish to use to scale/offset each waveform y value to the other. The output terminal will contain what a modified waveform. Look for Waveform Scale and Offset under "Functions -> Programming -> Waveforms -> Analog Waveform"

Hope this helps, and best of luck....

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