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Industrial EtherNet (EtherNet/IP)

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On 3/16/2017 at 11:39 AM, OliverO said:


thanks for this interesting topic. I try to do some ethernet IP communication with LabVIEW, but I can't find the attached unlocked VIs. I will try with the lockecd ones, if I can establish a communication at all, but I would like to use your VIs as a base for my communication library. Could you please give me a hint, where I can find the unlocked VIs?

Thanks and greetings!


You should be more specific. Various people have attached code to their postings. And the initial library from siva, while the links on lavag.org in his earlier mails got trashed by the two lava crashes that the site had in its 15 or so years of operation, has been posted to github as he wrote in this post. You just need to advance to the second page of this thread and read it in its entirety.

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I am using the files from github. However, I am getting an error "Specified key or value does not exist" in "Open Registry Key.vi". I am sure the tag name is correct. However, the files are locked so I cannot troubleshoot the problem. Can I get a copy of the unlocked files?


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10 hours ago, david green said:

Hi Siva,

could you help me about the communication between labview and plc of epec by tcp/Ip

This thread is about Ethernet/IP, a specific protocol used in industrial automation. While it might be possible to install Eternet/IP support on your PLC, there is nothing in the product description of Epec's controller hardware that mentions anything about it. Most controllers support CAN with CanOpen, and only very few controllers have even an Ethernet port. But all the literature mentions is that it allows integration into IoT networks, which would probably indicate that it supports some HTTP or WebSocket protocols, but hard to say for sure, how they support Ethernet connectivity in their controller software.

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