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How to read a popular post

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A popular post has many contributors. Is there a way to expand the whole correspondence, or everything newer than "this post"? The probem arises when I click on a line in teh correspondence tree and it redraws just the initial post and the reply, very slowly. I find it difficult to check out what many people have said on a topic.

I use Firefox.


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"I use Firefox" is probably the cause. I had the same trouble you are describing before switching back to IE for these forums. Actually, I use the IE Tab addon for Firefox and specify that these forums should be rendered using the IE engine.

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I use Firefox. I tried logging out and back in. Now "View New Posts" doens't work any more, and I still can't change back to outline mode. I still can't change from "Standard" to anything else, nothing is listed, just "--"

I went to Internet Explorer and logged in and out; "View New Posts" doesn't work there either BUT if I open a thread from the "Portal" I see them in Outline mode. I've tried selecting the Options pull-down and still only see "Standard" no Outline or Linear options; just "--"

I can use IE for now, but something is goofy Goofyb.gif...

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QUOTE(Michael_Aivaliotis @ Oct 18 2007, 07:32 PM)

Threaded and outline mode was removed

They were? When?

I'm pretty sure I saw outline mode just a few days ago. It was probably when clicking on search results, but I tried it now and got standard, so that seems to be OK.

P.S. :thumbup:

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